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THC is the active cannabinoid in marijuana that causes a psychoactive effect or simply put, THC gets you high.
CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and is used mostly commonly for medicinal purposes. Products with high percentages of CBD can help alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety, and spasms especially epilepsy.
The passage of Prop 64 legalized adult-use, recreational cannabis in California beginning in January 2018. It also required that cannabis be tracked from seed to sale, with batch testing done in certified laboratories to ensure safe cannabis products. Labs are required to test for a variety of things, including potency (THC and CBD percentages and ratios) contaminants like mold, mildew, and microorganisms, heavy metals, and pesticides to name a few. This is one of the main benefits of buying your cannabis from licensed dispensaries like Jayden's Journey; you know it has been tested.
Indica cannabis strains are often more of a sedative and can be useful for treating insomnia also best consumed before bed.
Sativa strains typically produce an energizing effect for patients that is more cerebral and is best consumed for social settings, physical activity, and sparking creativity.
Hybrid strains are a happy balance of both indica and sativa.
Terpenes are found in all plants and determine its aroma and characteristics. In cannabis, terpenes play a direct role in the effects you feel from a particular strain. In fact, many cannabis experts believe a strain’s terpene profile is more important than whether it’s an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. For example, linalool is a common cannabis terpene (also prevalent in Lavender) that helps the body relax. Pinene is its opposite, causing enhanced alertness and energy. It smells like it sounds, like a pine tree, and it’s also an excellent bronchodilator. Scientists are discovering more and more terpenes in cannabis, and the results will be truly exciting for both medicinal and adult-use consumers.
These days there are many different ways you can inhale and ingest cannabis. Smoking a joint is not the only way to inhale cannabis flower – Vaporizing is an increasingly popular, and much healthier method of inhaling. Oils and capsules have been popular on the medical market for years, and can be taken as is, or mixed into homemade edibles or topicals. 


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